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First Informational Letter


1st informational letter

World without barriers! World is one for all!


11th Russian scientific forum and medical exhibition

November 2 - 3, 2015, Moscow, Russia, TGC "Izmailovo" (Gamma-Delta)

Izmailovskoe hwy, 71, bldg. 4 GD, 3rd floor, conference rooms "Rostov", "Suzdal", "Gzhel" (5 min. walk from metro station "Partizanskaya")

Dear Friends!

We invite you to participate in the 11th International specialized exhibition "WORLD OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES" and the 11th Russian scientific and educational forum of the same name, traditionally dedicated to the International Day of People with Disabilities!

Just over the last few years the Forum was attended by about 11,000 professionals from Russian regions and CIS countries: government authorities, scientists, public figures and experts. Exhibition participants include leading Russian and foreign companies.

As part of the 11th Russian scientific and educational forum will be held: the Moscow City Conference "Educational integration of people with disabilities in a metropolis", organizer - GBNU "Moscow Institute of Education"; special session of the Department of Social Protection of Moscow, the sessions: "Methods of physical therapy and pharmacotherapy in the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and disabled people" - the organizer of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Ministry of Health of Russia; "Rehabilitation of people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system"; "The new information technology for people with disabilities", "Civil society organizations working for people with disabilities"; roundtables: "Services for people with disabilities", "Disability tourism and leisure," "Disability sport".

The forum will include sign language interpreters. TGC “Izmailovo” is equipped with special ramps for people with disabilities.

Abstracts (only text, without tables) are accepted by e-mail info@rimiexpo.ru. One page A4 (3000 characters, including spaces) is published for free. Possible publication of theses and articles of more volume are for charge - for each additional page - 500 rubles. In this case, you need to pay for the publication until October 12, 2015 (Payment details are available on the website www.rimiexpo.ru). Abstracts font - Times New Roman size 12, line spacing 1 interval. Title of work - bold capital letters -14, authors with a new line - 12 bold, name of the institution and the city with a new line. Materials will be published in the original edition. Using the original (trade) names are not allowed.

The publication of promotional materials (with the mention of trade marks, names, names of manufacturers and products) is paid. Abstracts will be accepted until October 12, 2015.

Main exhibition sections: regenerative medicine; reconstructive medicine; prosthetics and orthotics; spa treatment; pharmaceuticals, including phytotherapeutic and homeopathic; rehabilitation equipment; fitness equipment; wheelchairs; products and devices for home use; equipment for vision, eyewear, hearing aids; hygiene products; orthopedic products; special means for orienting; diagnostic tools; equipment and special tools for equipping hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, kindergartens; everything for adaptive physical culture and sport, tourism for people with disabilities; Internet resources; special clothing and footwear; products made by disabled; governmental organizations and public associations of disabled people; social programs; establishment of rehabilitation centers and social services; clinics; hospices; medical and transportational services; specialized enterprises; infrastructure - at home and in society, creating a barrier-free, accessible environment for people with disabilities; professional training; employment; everything for the care of people with disabilities at home; nursing; philanthropy; therapeutic food, including diabetes; services; special editions, literature for the blind etc..

The representatives of various funds, charities, media, Internet portals will work in the exhibition, where experts and visitors will be able to get the full information on all matters of legal and medical support for people with disabilities. In order to improve the educational level of medical professionals, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, Department of Social Protection and Health Care of Moscow is planning to designate doctors of medical institutions, social protection specialists, heads of departments and services on the subject of the Forum.

During the exhibition, the Department of Labor and Employment of the City of Moscow plans to hold a job fair for people with disabilities. A special contest among the participants of the exhibition will be organized with the presentation of diplomas to the winners.

The exhibition and forum are held with the support and participation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Council for the Disabled under the President of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the National Center for Health Education of the Population of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Health Department, the Department of Social Protection of Moscow City Department Labor and Employment of Moscow, Department of Physical Education and Sport in Moscow, the Public Relations Committee of Moscow, the Ministry of Social Welfare of the Moscow Region, the National Center for Disability Issues, the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Russian Ministry of Health, Federation of Physical Culture and Sports of the Disabled in Moscow, Moscow city organization VOI and other public organizations of people with disabilities, the media.

Information partners of the exhibition and forum: magazines - "Country and We", "Life with Cerebral Palsy. Problems and Solutions "," Support for the disabled and the elderly "," Social security "," Speech "," Innovation Time "; Professional education. Capital "; newspapers - "Hope", "Russian Invalid", "Moscow Pharmacies"; publishers - "Remedium", "Media Medica"; Internet portals - Dislife.ruShagizkruga.ruDeafworld.ruTravma-life.ruFarosplus.ru


Admission to the exhibition and forum is free!

Organizer: Exhibition Company "RIMIEXPO"

Tel. / fax: 8-496-563-32-92

Tel.: 8-926-2180608, e-mail: info@rimiexpo.ruwww.rimiexpo.ru

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